NAACL Paper Titles Over Time

Inspired by Kristina Gulordava's NAACL18 word cloud (Thanks!), here are some fun word clouds from NAACL2007, NAACL2013 and NAACL2018 paper titles. Topics like Translation and Extraction have been consistently popular over years, and topics like Neural Networks, Generation and Representations have become trendy. Happy to see 'Language' is always one of the top ranked words. … Continue reading NAACL Paper Titles Over Time


List of Accepted Papers

Here is the list of long and short papers accepted by the research track. Congratulations to all authors! We will post the detailed technical program soon at the NAACL website. Great thanks to all of our wonderful area chairs and reviewers for their hard work in the past three months! Looking forward to meeting everyone … Continue reading List of Accepted Papers

Acceptance and Author Feedback

#Accepted Papers Across Areas Our advice to the area chairs was as follows: group labels no more than 15% of your submissions “Accept”, and no more than another 20% “Lobby for Accept” or “Maybe Accept”, unless the area has fewer than 20 submissions. Area Long Short Information Extraction 24 12 Semantics 19 19 Summarization 14 … Continue reading Acceptance and Author Feedback


Outstanding Reviewers and Ad-hoc Reviewers

Outstanding Reviewers We thank all reviewers for spending their valuable time on reviewing NAACL paper submissions! The following are outstanding reviewers nominated by area chairs: Omri Abend Manex Agirrezabal Cem Akkaya Enrique Alfonseca Dimitrios Alikaniotis Tim Anderson Layla El Asri Michael Auli Wilker Aziz Mohit Bansal Valerio Basile Roberto Basili Beata Beigman-Klebanov Jonathan Berant Delphine Bernhard … Continue reading Outstanding Reviewers and Ad-hoc Reviewers


A First Look at the Research Track Schedule

NAACL HLT 2018 will feature: June 1: Tutorials June 2-4: Research Track June 2-3: Industry Track June 5-6: Workshops The research track will include keynotes,  long and short paper oral and poster presentations from TACL and from submissions accepted to NAACL HLT 2018, and demos. And of course there will be a NAACL business meeting … Continue reading A First Look at the Research Track Schedule


Long Paper Accepts/Rejects

After all the research track decisions are made we will provide detailed analyses of the submissions, reviews and decisions. For now, (so as not to unduly bias the short paper reviewing process) we will provide only overview numbers for long paper submissions. The Raw Numbers Of the 665 long paper submissions, 60 were withdrawn by … Continue reading Long Paper Accepts/Rejects


Analysis of Long Paper Reviews

Long paper review scores across areas:   Area Ave before response Ave after response Min Max Speech 3.9 3.75 2.5 5 Vision, Robotics and Other Grounding 3.83 3.65 2 5 Tagging, Chunking, Syntax and Parsing 3.55 3.56 1.67 5 Machine Translation 3.37 3.34 1.33 4.67 Theory and Formalisms 3.37 3.38 2 4.67 Dialogue and Interactive … Continue reading Analysis of Long Paper Reviews