Final Submissions FAQ

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about final submissions.

I. What paper size?

A4 (source: NAACL HLT 2018 template instructions, page 1, column 1)

II. Are acknowledgements to be included in the 9 (long)/5 (short) pages of content?


III. Should appendices be included in the paper PDF, or go with supplemental materials?

They should be included in the paper PDF. And (warning! Danger, Will Robinson!) please note the template instructions: “The paper should not rely on the supplementary material” (including the appendices). Appendices are not for just any content you couldn’t fit in the main body of the paper; they are for non-central material and their use should be limited.


2 thoughts on “Final Submissions FAQ

  1. For those emailing and asking about this:

    This FAQ applies to the final submissions for the Industry Track as well, except that for question II the page limit for Industry Track papers is 7 pages.

    Jennifer Chu-Carroll (Industry Track co-chair)


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