Outstanding Reviewers and Ad-hoc Reviewers

Outstanding Reviewers We thank all reviewers for spending their valuable time on reviewing NAACL paper submissions! The following are outstanding reviewers nominated by area chairs: Omri Abend Manex Agirrezabal Cem Akkaya Enrique Alfonseca Dimitrios Alikaniotis Tim Anderson Layla El Asri Michael Auli Wilker Aziz Mohit Bansal Valerio Basile Roberto Basili Beata Beigman-Klebanov Jonathan Berant Delphine Bernhard … Continue reading Outstanding Reviewers and Ad-hoc Reviewers

A First Look at the Research Track Schedule

NAACL HLT 2018 will feature: June 1: Tutorials June 2-4: Research Track June 2-3: Industry Track June 5-6: Workshops The research track will include keynotes,  long and short paper oral and poster presentations from TACL and from submissions accepted to NAACL HLT 2018, and demos. And of course there will be a NAACL business meeting … Continue reading A First Look at the Research Track Schedule

Long Paper Reviewers: Read Authors’ Responses

We have received the author responses for long paper submissions to NAACL HLT 2018. You now have through February 9th to read these responses and if necessary, adjust your reviews, at https://www.softconf.com/naacl2018/papers/. To see all the reviews and the author responses in START, you should: in the main page after you log in, click Track … Continue reading Long Paper Reviewers: Read Authors’ Responses

New review form draws widely varying opinions

As General Chair I've watched with interest the widely varying feedback we have gotten on our new review form (https://naacl2018.wordpress.com/2017/12/14/our-new-review-form/). We've tried to keep in mind that people in general might  be resistant to change,  as well as the  program chairs' motivations for designing a new form.  So we have had feedback: From experienced reviewers … Continue reading New review form draws widely varying opinions

It’s Not All About the Number

Some reviewers and authors have contacted us to inquire if the only factor in the eventual decision on a submission will be the overall score. That's not how the review process should work, and it is not how it will work for NAACL HLT 2018. We know (http://inverseprobability.com/2014/12/16/the-nips-experiment) that reviewing is imperfect. We constructed a … Continue reading It’s Not All About the Number

A Review of Reviewer Assignment Methods

Authors: Amanda Stent and Heng Ji (NAACL-HLT2018 PC Chairs) The Reviewer Assignment Problem The reviewer assignment problem is the task of assigning submissions to reviewers so as to ensure a "fair" and "balanced" assignment. This problem has been widely studied (Price & Flach, 2017). The problem is most often described in terms of constraint satisfaction; … Continue reading A Review of Reviewer Assignment Methods

Updates from the Industry Track

Authors: Srinivas Bangalore (Interactions Labs) Jennifer Chu-Carroll (Elemental Cognition) Yunyao Li (IBM Research - Almaden)   First off, a reminder that the paper submission deadline for the Industry Track is February 20, less than a month away! Please see the call for papers for more information. Now for the exciting news: we will have two … Continue reading Updates from the Industry Track