Onsite Childcare

Posted on January 19 By Beth An Hockey and Chris Calliston-Burch (NAACL 2018 Famly-Friendly chairs)

We are excited to post some good news for families:  we will have onsite childcare provided by KiddieCorp for the full 6 days of the conference.  This will cover the main conference, plus the workshops and tutorials days. 

KiddieCorp is a company that provides professional childcare at conferences.  We hired them to offer childcare at ACL 2017 in Vancouver, and got enthusiastic reviews from the parents who had them care for their children during the conference.  Here are some quotes from ACL parents: 

I was very happy with the childcare.  My daughter loved it.  Thanks much!

Great service!  I loved having this available at ACL 2017.

This is a *wonderful* addition to the conference.

The childcare costs will be partially subsidized.  The costs will be $80/day per child for regular conference attendees, and we will offer a reduced price of $40/day for students attendees.   

Please sign up as early as possible if you are interested, to help us accommodate everyone who needs this service.  Go to this link to sign up.

More details will be posted here as we have them. We look forward to seeing you AND your children at the meeting.


Ann Hockey  & Chris Callison-Burch 
Family-Friendly chairs



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