Reject without Review: Avoidable Mistakes

We feel sorry at delivering bad news to the authors of 20 long papers during the holiday season. The reasons for rejecting these papers without review are as follows, hopefully it could help authors avoid similar mistakes for future submissions. Violated ACL Blind Review Policy: 2 papers include author name and affiliation under title, and … Continue reading Reject without Review: Avoidable Mistakes


Keynote Speakers

We are honored and thrilled to have three awesome keynote speakers for NAACL-HLT 2018! The details of their talks will be announced later as the conference gets closer. Dilek Hakkani-Tur Google Research Dilek is a research scientist at Google Research Dialogue Group and has previously held positions at Microsoft Research, ICSI, and AT&T Labs - … Continue reading Keynote Speakers

Putting the Linguistics in Computational Linguistics

The wonderful NAACL 2018 PC co-chairs asked for a some thoughts on how to make a computational linguistics papers linguistically informative.  My take on this is that not all NAACL papers need to be linguistically informative—but they should all be linguistically informed.  Here are a four steps to achieving that, which I hope will be … Continue reading Putting the Linguistics in Computational Linguistics

Record-Breaking Long Paper Submissions and the Last-minute Majority

We received a record number of 647 long paper submissions (excluding withdrawn submissions)! Submissions by Area We have recruited enough reliable reviewers for each area: Area #Submissions #Reviewers Information Extraction 77 169 Semantics 69 156 Machine Translation 43 110 Summarization 42 52 Machine Learning for NLP 42 189 Text Mining 40 100 Sentiment Analysis 39 … Continue reading Record-Breaking Long Paper Submissions and the Last-minute Majority