Short Paper Submissions

We received 425 short paper submissions (excluding withdrawn submissions). In total we received 392 more papers than NAACL-HLT2016.

We make sure each area chair gets a light meta-review load, usually < 15 long+short papers which match the chair’s expertise. Each reviewer gets <=3 papers across all long and short tracks so everyone will have time to provide quality reviews.

Short paper submissions by area:

Semantics: 55
Information Extraction: 49
Machine Translation: 34
Text Mining: 32
Machine Learning for NLP: 31
Social Media and Computational Social Science: 31
Tagging, chunking, syntax and parsing: 31
Question Answering: 28
Sentiment Analysis: 22
Summarization: 20
NLP Applications: 19
Dialog and interactive systems: 16
Discourse and pragmatics: 15
Generation: 15
Vision, robots, and other grounding: 15
Phonology, Morphology and word segmentation: 12
Speech: 12
Cognitive modeling / Psycholinguistics: 5
Theory and Formalisms: 3

3 short paper submissions rejected without review:

  • 2 papers put author names under titles
  • 1 paper has 4.5 pages of content

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