Long Paper Reviewers: Read Authors’ Responses

We have received the author responses for long paper submissions to NAACL HLT 2018. You now have through February 9th to read these responses and if necessary, adjust your reviews, at https://www.softconf.com/naacl2018/papers/.

To see all the reviews and the author responses in START, you should:

  • in the main page after you log in, click Track Committee Console under the track name for your track(s) (bottom left of the page), Inline image 1
  • then click Your Assignments Inline image 2

In your review form there is now a new question:
“I have taken the author response into consideration in my review. You may not necessarily change your review after the author response but say “Yes” if you have read the author response and considered whether to change your review.”

Thank you again for serving on the PC for NAACL HLT 2018.


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