Long Paper Reviewing Notes

We have assigned 826 reviewers to review the NAACL HLT 2018 long paper submissions. (As a reminder, long paper reviews are due by January 24th.) Here’s how we did it:

  • If you filled out our survey (or otherwise communicated your area preferences) then we assigned you to your areas of preferences, to make it easier for you to bid.
  • If you chose to bid, your bids were taken into account by the area chairs and program chairs, who tried to assign you papers that you bid “Yes” or “Maybe” to wherever possible.
  • If you created a TPMS profile, then your TPMS profile scores were also used by many area chairs as well as by the program chairs to assign you to papers. And the good news is, your TPMS profile can be used by future ACL-sponsored conferences without you changing anything (although you may choose to update it when you like).
  • If you filled out our survey, then we assigned you no more papers than were in your quota. And we tried to “bunch” you, so that if you got assigned long paper submissions you won’t later be assigned short paper submissions too – that means we filled your quota as best we could with long paper submissions.

If, when you filled out our survey, you said you’d prefer to review short paper submissions, then you didn’t get any long paper submissions to review. You’ll hear from us in mid-January about short paper submissions.

If you did not bid and did not create a TPMS profile and  did not fill out our survey, then you make it very hard for area chairs to assign papers to you! You still have time though – the survey remains open until the short paper submission deadline, and if you’d rather not fill it out you can email us instead.

For assigning short paper submissions, we will do a pre-bid, automatic assignment using TPMS scores. Then, area chairs will be able to adjust the assignment using bids and their own expertise.


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