Reject without Review: Avoidable Mistakes

We feel sorry at delivering bad news to the authors of 20 long papers during the holiday season. The reasons for rejecting these papers without review are as follows, hopefully it could help authors avoid similar mistakes for future submissions.

  • Violated ACL Blind Review Policy:
    • 2 papers include author name and affiliation under title, and do not follow NAACL format style requirement.
    • 1 paper includes a self-identified url link to their github page which includes an anthor’s name and homepage.
    • 2 papers’ arxiv versions (no significant change from NAACL submissions) were posted after November 15 (one month before the long paper submission deadline).
    • 1 paper’s title includes the authors’ affiliation.
    • 1 paper’s acknowledgement includes the authors’ affiliation.
    • 2 papers includes explicit self-citations that disclose the authors’ names.
  • Did not meet format requirement:
    • 1 paper has five lines longer than the content page limit.
    • 4 papers have one page longer than the content page limit.
    • 5 papers used smaller font and/or smaller margin than required NAACL format.
    • 1 paper’s file is damaged and cannot be opened.

We understand that every single paper submission has tremendous hard work behind it, so it deserves to be read and reviewed carefully. The area chairs and PC chairs worked very hard to identify these cases within 1-14 days after the long paper submission deadline, so hopefully we leave the authors enough time for revision and re-submission to other programs.

Proceed with Review: Several other papers mistakenly merged content together with appendix as one single pdf for submission. We decided to proceed with reviewing them normally.

The authors of short papers please submit papers and appendices separately, if you have appendices. We are also making this point clearer in the CFP and NAACL style file.



8 thoughts on “Reject without Review: Avoidable Mistakes

  1. This point on appendix material is not at all clear in the NAACL style files. In fact, naaclhlt2018.pdf (included with the LaTeX style files) includes an example of appendix material attached to the paper, and the last paragraph of Appendix A explicitly states that the appendix should come after the references.


  2. Yes both of our CFP and NAACL style template file encouraged appendices, so some authors did not know that they should separate appendices from papers for submission. We have now made this point clearer in the CFP, and have asked the publication chairs to remove the appendices from the NAACL style file so it would not be misleading.


  3. Another question about the appendixes. How will be appendixes (assuming separate submission, for short papers) will finally be published? Will they be joined with the paper’s PDF, or will they appear as a separate PDF in the ACL Anthology?


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