Putting the Linguistics in Computational Linguistics

The wonderful NAACL 2018 PC co-chairs asked for a some thoughts on how to make a computational linguistics papers linguistically informative.  My take on this is that not all NAACL papers need to be linguistically informative—but they should all be linguistically informed.  Here are a four steps to achieving that, which I hope will be … Continue reading Putting the Linguistics in Computational Linguistics


Some Holiday Reviewing Advice

Author: Nitin Madnani (Educational Testing Service) When Heng and Amanda asked me if I wanted to write an invited post on the NAACL 2018 Chairs' Blog on how to review well, my first thought was "do I really have any advice that people haven't already heard?" But then I realized that I do have some … Continue reading Some Holiday Reviewing Advice

NAACL 2018 Workshop Line-up

NAACL 2018 has an impressive line up of 17 workshops across a wide range of topics from Generalization in the age of Deep Learning to Ethics in NLP.  Workshops provide researchers with an opportunity to submit early stage or narrowly focused work and get feedback from a targeted audience.  Attendees have an opportunity to take … Continue reading NAACL 2018 Workshop Line-up


Matching Reviewers to Submissions

Submissions get matched to reviewers through several means, outlined here. As an initial reminder, it is your choice to use any or all of the steps below. You can choose to do none of them and you will probably still be assigned perfectly reasonable papers. Some people enjoy having more control over what they are … Continue reading Matching Reviewers to Submissions