Record-Breaking Long Paper Submissions and the Last-minute Majority

We received a record number of 647 long paper submissions (excluding withdrawn submissions)!

Submissions by Area

We have recruited enough reliable reviewers for each area:

Area #Submissions #Reviewers
Information Extraction 77 169
Semantics 69 156
Machine Translation 43 110
Summarization 42 52
Machine Learning for NLP 42 189
Text Mining 40 100
Sentiment Analysis 39 78
Generation 38 56
Social Media and Computational Social Science 35 101
Dialogue and Interactive Systems 31 106
Tagging, Chunking, Syntax and Parsing 29 107
Question Answering 29 98
NLP Applications 26 76
Vision, Robotics and Other Grounding 26 31
Discourse and Pragmatics 25 82
Phonology, Morphology and Word Segmentation 24 48
Cognitive Modeling and Psycholinguistics 15 55
Theory and Formalisms 9 16
Speech 8 52

The Last-Minute Majority

Many authors were working hard until the last minute! Later we will compare the acceptance rates of early bird papers and last minute papers, now please enjoy some curves (ps the data point after the deadline must be a small bug in softconf time recording):


Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 10.22.50 AM


7 thoughts on “Record-Breaking Long Paper Submissions and the Last-minute Majority

    1. It’s automatically generated by softconf…let me explore a bit more to see if I can move it around:-) thank you for the suggestion.


  1. Looking more into the details today:
    * Although this is a record number of submissions for NAACL, the total number of long paper submissions is well under our “worst / best case” estimate based on EMNLP and ACL 2017
    * There is one collection of areas that has more submissions than our estimates: the collection composed of Generation, Summarization, Dialog and Discourse.
    * And in particular, here’s lookin’ at you, Generation, on the way up!!


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